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Advanced Portuguese Pronunciation Course

Advanced Portuguese Pronunciation Course



A good pronounciation is the key part of being understood. With this course, you’ll develop the confidence to speak and have your voice be clearly heard.





  • Fully online;
  • Course in Portuguese;
  • PDF and MP3 files to download;
  • Listening exercises with answers;
  • Formal and informal speaking situations;
  • Personalised diagnosis of your pronunciation.



  • How to pronounce words correctly by placing the stress in the right syllable;
  • How to group words together into “speech units” (liaison);
  • How to pronounce diphtongs, plurals and nasal sounds;
  • How to understand and recognize the 4 most spoken Brazilian accents;
  • How to make the nasal triphtongs;
  • How to pronounce isolated consonants;
  • How to make the simplified vowels;
  • How to pronounce the diacritics;
  • Similar words with different pronunciations.


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