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About Ricardo Filgueira

sobre-ricHi! My name’s Ricardo Filgueira.

I have a degree in Linguistics, a certificate specializing in the Portuguese Language and a certificate in Distance Education. I’m a webdesigner,  an Instructional Designer, I speak 4 languages and I’ve been teaching Portuguese since 2002.

I’ve always dreamt of knowing life outside of Brazil. And that was getting stronger and stronger when I started studying Languages.

So, in 2002 , after almost 4 years in college, I decided it was time to leave.

What a crazy thing! I sold almost everything I had (not that much!), borrowed some money and took a plane to… Geneva, Switzerland!

I went to my aunt’s house and I should stay for 3 months, but I ended up staying for one year and a half!

During this time I learned things that any university could teach. Oh … and speaking of teaching, it was at that time that I had my first contact with “Portuguese for foreigners”.

ricardo filgueira teacher

Geneva, 2003

Things were going well in Switzerland, but I realized that I had to come back to Brazil to conclude my course and put all my efforts to become a skilled  PFL teacher (Portuguese as Foreign Language).

In 2013, as result of this dedication, I founded the, to promote Portuguese and Brazilian culture to the world.

Currently, I have students on five continents and I’m recognized as a certified Portuguese teacher (as a second language) by the media.

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