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How to Pronounce The Letters G and J in Portuguese

  Now it's time to learn how to pronounce the letters G and J in Brazilian Portuguese. Before A, O, U and CONSONANTS, the letter G is pronounced as in English. When the consonant G comes before E or I, it has a different sound: as the letter S in VISION, PLEASURE. The letter J will always have that same sound. Words with GU as a diagraph: - Seguinte (following, next) - Conseguir (to get) - Guitarra (el ...

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How to Pronounce The Letters R and H in Portuguese

  Different from English, the letter H is not pronounced in Portuguese. And here there’s no exception. If R is in the begining of a word, we pronounce it as the letter “h” in English. This sound also happens in the end of syllable or word: Porta, Carpete. Learn also other sound of the letter R that many English speakers struggle to make. It always happens between vowels and it sounds like a flap D or T ...

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Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation – The Alphabet

    Learn how to avoid the most embarrassing pronunciation mistakes made even by advanced students. And throughout this series, I’ll teach you, step by step, how to pronounce the sounds of Brazilian Portuguese, from simplest to most complex. Just as in English, Portuguese is composed of 26 letters, 21 consonants and 5 vowels. In this lesson you'll learn how to spell all the Portuguese letters.   ...

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