How To Pronounce the Letters K, W and Y in Portuguese

  Before the Portuguese orthographic reform in 2009, K, W and Y were considered foreign letters. That’s why most of time we see those letters in specific cases, such as: measurement symbols, foreign words and names.  

How to Pronounce the Letters S and Z in Portuguese

  Now it’s time to learn how to pronounce the letters S and Z Brazilian Portuguese. S in the beginning of a word will always have the same sound as the S in Save. When S is between vowels, we pronounce it as the letter Z in English.

How to Pronounce X and CH in Portuguese

  It’s very easy to make the sound CH. You pronounce it the same way as the SH in English. But, with the letter X , things get complicated. This consonant can have 4 different  sounds.  

How to Pronounce The Letter L in Brazilian Portuguese

  Finally you’ll learn how to pronounce correctly the letter L in Brazilian Portuguese. Before a vowel, the letter L is pronounced as in English. When the consonant L is in the end of a word or syllable, we pronounce it like the letter W in English. Press play to see more examples.    

Portuguese Pronunciation Consonants B C

How to Pronounce The Letters B and C in Portuguese

  Today we’ll take a closer look at the sounds of the consonants  B and C. The letter B is pronounced just as in English . For example: Bola, which means ball. It’s pronounced as the B in  baby, bike. The letter C will always have the sound /K/ before  the vowels A, O and U.