A Complete Course For You To Understand And Speak Portuguese With Ease
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Complete And Step-by-step

No matter if you’ve never studied Portuguese before or if you need to brush up on your knowledge in the language, rest assured PORTUGUÊS FLUENTE meets your needs.

In the first stage of the course, the focus is on providing you with a solid foundation in grammar and practical vocabulary for everyday use – the words, expressions and structures that will empower you to step into everyday situations with confidence, including: shopping, transport, at the restaurant, hanging out…

After mastering this essential and practical vocabulary, you advance to the second stageHere, the goal is to deepen grammatical knowledge, (particularly in verb conjugation), and enhance your language skills by introducing sophisticated structures and vocabulary.

Understand Portuguese With Ease

PORTUGUÊS FLUENTE provides a true immersion in spoken Portuguese with a strong emphasis on real-life communication. 

The course is meticulously designed to mirror realistic conversations, capturing the natural flow of spoken Portuguese. with its reductions, contractions, connected speech and even different accents (watch my pronunciation series on YouTube).

PORTUGUÊS FLUENTE progressively immerses you in the Portuguese language through a variety of listening sources, including dialogs, audio summaries, flashcards with audio and short stories.

The combination of realistic conversations with a variety of listening sources will not only enable you to understand spoken Portuguese effortlessly but also communicate easily in practical situations.

Conversation Practice

More than just practicing what you’ve studied, our one-on-one conversation practices are designed to equip you for real-life interactionsThey are made for you to have total confidence when speaking face-to-face with Brazilians.

Our conversation practices are also a great time for me to refine your pronunciation and monitor your ongoing progress, to ensure you’re on the right track.

Master Verb Conjugation

In Portuguese learning, few challenges are as significant as verb conjugation. Knowing how to properly conjugate verbs in Portuguese is not just important; it’s crucial.

But fear not, with more than two decades of teaching Portuguese under my belt, I’ve developed a set of strategies that ensure verb conjugation will become second nature to you. Some strategies include:

Real-Life Relevance: PORTUGUÊS FLUENTE makes verb conjugations engaging and relevant by embedding them in practical, real-life situations. This approach ensures that what you learn directly applies to your daily interactions.

Recall Over Recognition: PORTUGUÊS FLUENTE prioritizes your ability to recall verb conjugations rather than mere recognition, enhancing your active command of the language.

Know Exactly Where To Improve

In PORTUGUÊS FLUENTE, learning goes beyond passive study. Through a dynamic blend of interactive quizzes and exercises, students are not only exposed to course content but also actively engaged in its application and reinforcement.

Throughout the entire course, students receive immediate feedback and detailed explanations after completing quizzes and exercises. 

Besides helping you to internalize content more easily, this feedback mechanism also allows you to promptly recognize your weak points and topics you need to improve.

Tutoring 7 Days Per Week

And when we are not face-to-face in our conversation practice, we will still be in touch.

Through the messaging system on our learning platform, you have direct access to me, ready to clarify your doubts and provide valuable feedback any day of the week, at the click of a button.

I’m certain that this will be the first time you’ll have a Portuguese teacher at your disposal seven days per week.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere.

I understand that life can be hectic, but this should not be a barrier for you to learn Portuguese. 

Our learning platform provides a true on-the-go learning experience, enabling a smooth transition across all devices, so you can switch from your computer to your smartphone without missing a beat.

All course resources (videos, tutoring, short stories, exercises etc.) are in the palm of your hand, easily enabling you to make the most of your spare time throughout your day – whether you’re waiting in line, commuting, or taking a short break at work.

If It Worked For Them, It Will Work For You Too!

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Meet Your Teacher

Hi! My name is Ricardo Filgueira and I’m the creator of PORTUGUÊS FLUENTE

I’m from São Luís  – MA and I’ve been living in São Paulo since 2015.

I have a degree in Modern Languages, I’m a specialist in Portuguese Language, a specialist in Distance Education and an Instructional Designer.

My Portuguese teaching experience started in 2002, when I lived in Geneva, Switzerland.

Besides Portuguese, I speak English, French and I’m currently learning German.  Learn more about me and the Portuguese language on my YouTube channel and my Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

By completing this course, you’ll achieve Upper Intermediate level (B2) of Portuguese. 

In addition to have an extensive grammar knowledge, learners who achieve Upper intermediate level can: 

  • Express themselves fluently and spontaneously enough to comfortably communicate with other Portuguese speakers.
  • Understand the main ideas of complex texts on concrete or abstract topics, including some technical discussions. 
  • Write clear, detailed texts expressing their opinions on various subjects.

Immediately! You don’t need to wait for registration dates. After payment confirmation, you will receive your data to enter the course.

The course is divided into two stages.

The first stage is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in grammar and practical vocabulary for everyday use.

Do you want to learn Portuguese to visit Brazil? 

Perfect! This first stage will fully prepare you to handle most situations that pop up while traveling in Brazil, confidently communicating with locals and embracing every moment of your journey.

This first stage can be completed in just 4 months if you study 3 hours per week.

The second stage focuses on deepening grammatical knowledge (particularly in verb conjugation), and enhancing your language skills by introducing sophisticated structures and vocabulary.

This second stage can be completed in 6 months if you also study 3 hours per week.

As you can see, it is an intensive, practical and straight-to-the-point course.

Remember, in total, you have 3 years of access to the course for you to clarify your doubts with me and review the whole content whenever you want, how many times you want.


Yes! Please, get in touch to receive payment instructions.

My method is the result of 2 decades dedicated to teaching Portuguese, Instructional Design and language learning.

To sum it up, it basically uses the Core Vocabulary, Lexical Approach, Dual Coding, and Comprehensible Input (see more here).

You will see for yourself how all this works when you access the course.

Yeah, and it’s not just a stylish document, it’s undeniable proof that you really speak Portuguese.


When you join POTUGUÊS FLUENTE you are fully protected by my 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

If you don’t feel like you’ve received the value you expected you can cancel your enrollment any time within the first 10 days of purchase. 

Just send me an email and I’ll send your money back. No hassle, no questions.

A Complete Course For You To Understand And Speak Portuguese With Ease For Just:

$ 167 One single payment
  • Teacher 7 Days a Week
  • Conversation Practice
  • Learn Anytime, Anywhere
  • Three Years Of Access

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