Ebook Mastering Slangs and Swearwords In Brazilian Portuguese


ebook slangs
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This book is the most detailed and complete material on Brazilian slangs and swear words ever made. See why:
1 – More than 170 entries;
2 – All terms are widely used in any region of Brazil;
3 – Bilingual (English/Brazilian Portuguese);
4 – A big amount of sentences to boost your vocabulary!

You’ll learn, for example, different words for:
– Buddy/guy;
– Idiot/fool;
– A pain in the ass;
– Sleazebag;
– Bastard;
– Dating vocabulary;
– Dick;
– Pussy;
– Fuck;
– Cool/nice;
– And many, many other things…

And the best of all… All the terms are known in EVERY CORNER OF BRAZIL. So, no matter where you go, you’ll understand and be understood!


Based on more than a decade of experience, this book is another masterpiece of Ricardo Filgueira, teacher, researcher, Instructional Designer, polyglot and creator of the Method PORTUGUESE IN RECORD TIME.

If you REALLY want to understand what Brazilians say, that’s a must read work!