Slangs and Swear Words in Brazilian Portuguese

Learn the slangs and swear words of movies, series, TV shows and songs!


There’s no way out! If you REALLY want to understand what Brazilians say on the Internet, streets, tv, movies… You need to learn some slangs and dirty words. 

Maybe you don’t appreciate using slangs and swear words in your language, but the fact is that if you REALLY want to understand what people say on the streets, tv, movies etc. you may consider trying to understand some dirty words. Swear words allow us to express emotions that are not as easy to communicate.

On the other hand, some slangs and swear words are quite difficult to translate and if you are not really sure about their meaning and some people may get really offended.

portuguese It can be used in public with any age group.

swear words  Say it only among your friends, family and known people.

slang Be very careful! It’s offensive and embarrassing.


BABACA swear words

Idiot; asshole.

Meu vizinho é um babaca! (My neighbor is an asshole!)


BICHA  swear words

Male homossexual; fag.


BUCETA  slang


The most popular word for vagina in Brazilian Portuguese.

BUNDA  swear words

Butt; ass.


CARALHO  slang

Dick; cock.

1 – Expression of wonder or surprise:

– Caralho! Seus peitos são enormes! (Holy shit! Your boobs are huge!)

2 – It’s also used as an adjective amplifier:

– Bicho, olha isso! Elas são gostosas pra caralho! (Man, check it out! They are really hot chicks!).

– Este teste está difícil pra caralho! (This test is fucking hard!).


CU  slang

Anus; asshole.


DA HORA portuguese

Very good; really nice; cool.

– Seus sapatos são da hora! (Your shoes are really nice!).

Literally: from the hour.


DROGA portuguese

Damn it!

– Droga! Eu me cortei. (Damn it! I’ve cut myself).

Literally: drug.


FALOU portuguese



FERRAR swear words      

To screw.

– Eu estou ferrado se minha mãe descobrir isso! (I’m screwed if my mom finds out that!).

Literally: to brand.



Son of a bitch.

Literally: Son of a prostitute.




To fuck.

– Eu quebrei o vaso da minha mãe! Eu estou fudido! (I’ve broken my mom’s vase. I’m fucked!).

– O vendedor me fudeu com aqueles juros. (The salesman fucked me over with that interest.).

– Eu quero fuder (com) você. (I wanna fuck you).

– Vá se fuder! (Fuck off!).

MERDA swear words

Shit; damn it; trouble (deep shit).

– Eu acho que isso vai dar merda. (I think I’ll be in trouble).

– Vai à merda! (Fuck off!).



PAU  slang


– Toda vez que eu vejo os peitos dela, eu fico de pau duro. (Everytime I see her boobs, it gives me a hard-on.).

Literally: stick.


PEIDAR swear words   

To fart.


PEITO(S) swear words



PORRA  slang

It has a lot of meanings.

1 – Something that didn’t go as expected:

– A receita deu errado… Porra! (The recipe went wrong… Damn it!).

2 – To add negativity to a noun:

– A porra do meu professor me deu um monte de dever de casa. (That damn teacher gave me a ton of homework).”

3 – Expression of disappointment:

– Porra! Eu vou chegar atrasado de novo! (God damn it! I’ll arrive late again!).

4 – Expression of wonder:

– Porra! Você comeu tudo isso sozinho! (Oh my gosh! You’ve eaten it all alone!).

5 – Something of bad quality:

– Essa loja é uma porra! (This shop is a shit!).

6 – Inquiry:

– Que porra é essa? (What the fuck is that?).

Literally: cum.


PUXA SACO  swear words

Kiss-ass; apple polisher.

Literally: “bag puller”.


SACO  swear words

A boring person or thing.

Literally: sac, bag.

– Seu pai é um saco! (Your dad is boring.).

– Malhar é um saco (To work out sucks!).


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TRANSAR portuguese  

To have sex.

Quero transar com você. (I wanna have sex with you).