How to Pronounce The Letters G and J in Portuguese



Now it’s time to learn how to pronounce the letters G and J in Brazilian Portuguese.

Before A, O, U and CONSONANTS, the letter G is pronounced as in English.

When the consonant G comes before E or I, it has a different sound: as the letter S in VISION, PLEASURE.

The letter J will always have that same sound.
Words with GU as a diagraph:
– Seguinte (following, next)
– Conseguir (to get)
– Guitarra (eletric guitar)
– Águia (eagle)
– Guisado (stew)
– Guincho (tow truck)
– Guindaste (crane)


Words in which G and U are pronounced:
– Guarda (guard, body guard)
– Guaraná (an effective stimulant from Amazon)
– Sagui (Callithrix)
– Seriguela (Spondias purpurea)
– Guardanapo (napkin)
– Aguentar (to endure, to bear, to resist)