Teacher Ricardo Filgueira

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ricardo filgueiraHi, My name’s Ricardo Filgueira, I’m from São Luís, Maranhão and I’ve been living in São Paulo since 2015.

I’m the creator of Portuguese in Record Time, an online course that enables foreigners to learn Portuguese in 4 months.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Portuguese Language and Literature, a certificate specializing in the Portuguese Language and a certificate in Distance Education. I’m an Instructional Designer, I speak 3 languages and I’ve been teaching Portuguese since 2002.

I’ve always dreamed of knowing life outside of Brazil. And that was getting stronger and stronger when I started studying Languages.

So, in 2002, after almost 4 years in college, I decided it was time to leave.

What a crazy thing! I sold almost everything I had (not that much), borrowed some money and took a plane to… Geneva, Switzerland!

I went to my aunt’s house and I should stay for 3 months, but I ended up staying for one year and a half!

During this time I learned things that any university could teach. Oh … and speaking of teaching, it was at that time that I had my first contact with “Portuguese for foreigners”.


Things were going well in Switzerland, but I realized that I had to come back to Brazil to conclude my course and put all my efforts to become a skilled  PFL teacher (Portuguese as Foreign Language).

In 2013, as result of this dedication, I founded the portuguesdobrasil.com.br, to promote Portuguese and Brazilian culture to the world.