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Best podcast to learn Brazilian Portuguese


Hi! I’m Ricardo Filgueira, Portuguese teacher and creator of Brasil Com Ricardo, the best podcast to learn Brazilian Portuguese and to dive into the Brazilian culture!

Here you listen to natural-sounding conversations at normal speed. You get to know more about the Brazilian culture, improve your vocabulary, learn idioms, expressions and the best of all… With audio transcriptions, images, links and vocabulary notes!

This Podcast is intended for the intermediate student and above, or for the beginner who really wants to challenge themselves.



If you don’t speak Portuguese yet, no problem! Check out my course for beginners Portuguese in Record Time.

I decided that this podcast should have the following features:

  • It should talk about various subjects: society, culture, work, health, sports etc.
  • It should be interactive, with images, links and search sources;
  • It should have audio transcription and provide vocabulary notes.

In this podcast you will see unique content, totally different from what you see on my YouTube channel and my other social media.


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The purpose of Brasil Com Ricardo is to give you a relevant and interesting content, which in each episode you learn something about Brazil and the Portuguese language.

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