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A Weird Way of Saying FRUIT TREES in Portuguese

   In this video I’ll show you how to say orange tree, avocado tree and other fruit trees in Portuguese. There are 2 ways of saying that in Portuguese, check it out! Using the suffix "-eiro, -eira" Abacate, abacateiro (avocado tree) Laranja, laranjeira (orange tree) Using the word PÉ Pé de abacate, pé de laranja, pé de alface, pé de banana etc. ...

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How to Say “I’m excited” in Brazilian Portuguese

 Now it's time to learn how to say “I’m excited” in Brazilian Portuguese. Some days ago I was talking to a student about his trip to Brazil and he said he was very excited. Then I asked him: “Do you know how to say that in Portuguese?”, how do you say “I’m excited about the trip”? And the answer he gave me was already expected, because many English speakers make this same mistake. He said “Eu estou excitad ...

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Parts of the House in Portuguese – Vocabulary

In this video I'm going to teach you how to say the parts of the house in Brazilian Portuguese. O jardim: the garden A garagem: the garage O quarto: the bedroom A sala de estar: the living room A cozinha: the kitchen A sala de jantar: the dining room O banheiro: the bathroom A escada: the starirs A lavanderia: the laundry room O quintal: the backyard House Photo by Binyamin Mellish from Pexels: https://www. ...

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15 Expressions With The Word CAIXA

 1 - caixa acústica: sound box 2 - caixa d'água: water tank 3 - caixa de correio: mailbox 4 - caixa de descarga: flushing tank 5 - caixa de fósforos: matchbox 6 - caixa de ferramentas: tool box 7 - caixa de marcha: gearbox 8 - caixa de música: music box 9 - caixa de Pandora: Pandoras’s box 10 - caixa de papelão: cardboard box 11 - caixa eletrônico: ATM, cash machine 12 - caixa-forte: bank vault 13 - caixa ...

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The Difference Between The Verbs Ser and Estar in Portuguese – Learn How to Use them

Today I’m going to teach you one of the most difficult things in Portuguese: when to use SER and ESTAR. We use SER to describe the how someone or something is always:   We use ESTAR for transitory or not permanent conditions or characteristics, how a thing is at the moment. That’s why we say, for example:- - Ele está doente (He’s sick) - But we can also say… - Ele é doente (He’s sick)   What’s the ...

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Drugstore – Pharmacy Vocabulary in Brazilian Portuguese

In this video you'll learn to say in Brazilian Portuguese the most common products you can find in a drugstore / pharmacy.   See the vocabulary below: o absorvente Sanitary napkin A água oxigenada Hydrogen peroxide A agulha Needle O álcool Alcohol o algodão Cotton O analgésico Painkiller o antifebril Anti-fever o antiboótico Antibiotic O anti-inflamatório Anti-inflammatory O antissépico Antiseptic A as ...

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