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The Difference Between The Verbs Ser and Estar in Portuguese – Learn How to Use them

Today I’m going to teach you one of the most difficult things in Portuguese: when to use SER and ESTAR. We use SER to describe the how someone or something is always:   We use ESTAR for transitory or not permanent conditions or characteristics, how a thing is at the moment. That’s why we say, for example:- - Ele está doente (He’s sick) - But we can also say… - Ele é doente (He’s sick)   What’s the ...

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Drugstore – Pharmacy Vocabulary in Brazilian Portuguese

In this video you'll learn to say in Brazilian Portuguese the most common products you can find in a drugstore / pharmacy.   See the vocabulary below: o absorvente Sanitary napkin A água oxigenada Hydrogen peroxide A agulha Needle O álcool Alcohol o algodão Cotton O analgésico Painkiller o antifebril Anti-fever o antiboótico Antibiotic O anti-inflamatório Anti-inflammatory O antissépico Antiseptic A as ...

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Medical Specialists in Brazilian Portuguese – Vocabulary

Medical specialistis: médicos especialistas Alergista: Allergist Anestesiologista: Anesthesiologist Cardiologista: Cardiologist Cirurgião plástico: Plastic surgeon Clínico geral: Medical doctor Dermatologista: Dermatologist Endocrinologista: Endocrinologist Fisioterapeuta: Physiotherapist Fonoaudiólogo: Speech Language Pathologist Gastroenterologista: Gastroenterologist Geriatra: Geriatrician Ginecologista: ...

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Bicycle Parts in Brazilian Portuguese – Vocabulary

In this post you'll learn the main parts of a bicycle Vocabulary Selim: saddle Quadro: frame Guidão: handlebar Cabo: cable Cesta: basket Garfo: fork Roda: wheel Pneu: tire Aro: rim Raio: spoke Válvula: valve Pedal: pedal Corrente: chain Marchas: gears Eixo: hub Freio: break Refletor: reflector Garupa: back seat ...

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