how say I wonder if portuguese

How to say I wonder if in Brazilian Portuguese

In English, to express doubt about something or to show that you’re worried about something or someone, we use the expression “I wonder if”. But in Portuguese the equivalent expression is always a question:

Será que vai chover? I wonder if it’s going to rain.

Será que ele fala português? I wonder if he speaks Portuguese.

Será que ela me ama? I wonder if she loves me.


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Some examples with who, why, where and what:

Quem será que contou isso pra você? I wonder who told you that.

Por que será que ele veio aqui? I wonder why he came here.

Onde será que ele está agora? I wonder where he is now.

O que será que eles querem? I wonder what they want.


Summing up

I wonder if… Será que…?

I wonder who… Quem será que…?

I wonder why… Por que será que…?

I wonder how… Como será que…?

I wonder where… Onde será que…?

I wonder what… O que será que…?