What does PARTIU mean in Brazilian Portuguese

What does PARTIU mean in Brazilian Portuguese?

What does partiu mean in Brazilian Portuguese? First, let’s see a quick review of the verb PARTIR.

– O trem vai partir em 10 minutos.
– The train will leave in 10 minutes.

– Ele partiu para casa.
– He left for home.

– Ela partiu o bolo ao meio.
– She split the cake in half.

But, probably what you don’t know, is the informal meaning of the verb PARTIR.

PARTIR can also be used in an informal way to invite people or to indicate the beginning of some action:

Partiu festa!
– Party time! / Party’s on! / Let’s party!

Partiu compras!
– Shopping time! / Let’s go shopping!

Note that , to make sense, the verb partir is always used in the past, PARTIU.

PARTIU is very popular in social media. It’s one of the most used hashtags by Brazilians.
– A prancha de surfe está no carro?
– Sim!
– Então… #PartiuPraia!

Agora, é hora de partir.