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Don’t say VESTIR – Learn Brazilian Portuguese

   Last week, one student of mine said the following sentence: Ricardo, eu não suporto VESTIR máscara. (Ricardo, I can't stand WEARING a mask).   I understood what he said, but the sentence is incorrect. We don’t use the verb VESTIR in this case. Can you guess the correct way?    For this case, we use the verb USAR.   So, the correct sentence is: Ricardo, eu não suporto USAR máscara. ...

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What does PARTIU mean in Brazilian Portuguese?

What does partiu mean in Brazilian Portuguese? First, let's see a quick review of the verb PARTIR. - O trem vai partir em 10 minutos. - The train will leave in 10 minutes. - Ele partiu para casa. - He left for home. - Ela partiu o bolo ao meio. - She split the cake in half. But, probably what you don’t know, is the informal meaning of the verb PARTIR. PARTIR can also be used in an informal way to invite peo ...

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How to say I wonder if in Brazilian Portuguese

In English, to express doubt about something or to show that you’re worried about something or someone, we use the expression “I wonder if”. But in Portuguese the equivalent expression is always a question: Será que vai chover? I wonder if it’s going to rain. Será que ele fala português? I wonder if he speaks Portuguese. Será que ela me ama? I wonder if she loves me.   ⏩ Learn Portuguese in Record Time ...

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How to say business, deal and stuff in Portuguese

There is a word in Portuguese that has three meanings: business, deal and stuff. Learn how to use it now. I'll also show you 2 usefull expressions with this same word "negócio". ⏩ Learn Portuguese in Record Time with my Method. Follow me on:    ...

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How to Say Out of The Blue in Portuguese

  In this video I'll teach you how to say Out of The Blue in Brazilian Portuguese. Watch the video below: ⏩ Learn Portuguese in Record Time with my Method. Follow me on:      ...

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Portuguese word root TERRA

Improve your vocabulary. Get to know the Portuguese word root TERRA. Watch the video below: ⏩ Learn Portuguese in Record Time with my Method. Follow me on:    o território the territory o térreo the ground floor o aterro the embankment o terreno the land, ground o extraterrestre the al ...

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