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Portuguese In Record Time – Course For Beginners

Portuguese In Record Time – Course For  Beginners




Do you need Brazilian Portuguese for immediate communication?

Do you want to learn Brazilian Portuguese for everyday use?

So, this course is for you! Portuguese in Record Time provides you a fast and effective learning experience.



  • Internet access;
  • Skype account.



  • Fully online;
  • Course in English and Portuguese;
  • PDF and MP3 files to download;
  • Exercises.

Portuguese in Record Time was designed for English speakers, native or not, who have little or no knowledge of Portuguese and need immediate communication.

Totally different from conventional methods, this course follows an effective learning order, from simple to complex and grammar is presented in a gradual and intuitive way. You know: little strokes fell great oaks!

BONUS: 20 songs to boost your Portuguese and connect with Brazilians.



You will learn Portuguese to communicate in everyday situations, such as:

    • Asking for information;
    • Getting around the city;
    • Shopping;
    • Ordering at a bar and restaurant;
    • Talking on the phone;
    • Finding a place to live;
    • Work, employment and study;
    • Bank operations;
    • Health issues (at the hospital, at the dentist’s office);
    • Etc.



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