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Get to know Portuguese in Record Time, the only online course that provides a true immersion in the Portuguese language and Brazilian culture through real-life situations.

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Portuguese in Record Time is a complete course, with everything you need to learn Portuguese fast and once for all:

  • Portuguese taught through real-life situations in video.
  • Grammar made easy.
  • Pronunciation explained in details and accent reduction activities.
  • Conversation practice.
  • Engaging activities to help you memorize vocabulary.
  • Smart flashcards.
  • Native teacher to answer your questions and track your progress.
  • Materials to download. 


The course is made up of 145 video lessons divided into 15 modules/lessons. 

Check out its main topics:

personal information

Interests and personal information

Giving personal information is crucial to communicate with others.

Knowing how to talk about you and your interests are the basis for any conversation, and so, are important for when you meet somebody. And the best of all… you will be able to express yourself using real-life Portuguese.


Food and restaurant

Brazilian cuisine is one of the best in the world! We have great street food, excellent cuts of meat, unique fruits and delicious drinks.

You’ll learn the vocabulary to understand the most diverse menus and dishes, from simple street food to the best restaurants in São Paulo.

Bar Vila Madalena Brazil

Hanging out and socializing

Brazilians love to meet people, they love to shoot the breeze, anytime, anywhere: at the checkout line, in a bar, at the bus stop etc. In these situations, many foreigners would say “Sorry, I don’t speak Portuguese”. But, not you!

Imagine the astonished face of Brazilians when they hear you speak good Portuguese!

Avenida Paulista Brazil

Transport and getting around the city

In Brazil, the means of transport vary a lot from city to city.

Learn in practice how the means of transport work in Brazil. You will also learn how to ask for information and say your destination.

shopping and services

Shopping and services

Shopping vocabulary is essential, without it we can’t buy food, clothes, medicine, services or anything we need.

In addition to knowing how to express yourself in the most varied shopping situations, you will see all this vocabulary in practice, visiting different types of store in São Paulo.

Brazilian hotel

Hotel stay and accommodation

And if you ever need to travel to Brazil, I have a complete lesson that will be very useful to you. 

You’ll learn how to book a hotel, how to talk about staying and how to describe common hotel problems. I’ll also show you the peculiarities of Brazilian accommodation for you to feel at home.


Accent Reduction Activities

If you enjoyed my pronunciation series on YouTube (watch it below), you’ll love Portuguese in Record Time!

In addition to advanced pronunciation lessons, throughout the entire course you’ll have accent reduction activities.

Prepare yourself to take your pronunciation to a higher level!

Downloadable Materials

I want you to have the course content always easy in your hand.

That’s why throughout the course you will have several files for download (MP3 and PDF).

This is really Portuguese on the go!

One-on-one Conversation Classes

In each conversation practice you will have the opportunity to practice your Portuguese for 50 minutes.

At the same time, I will monitor your ongoing progress, just to make sure you’re on the right track.

Smart Flashcards

For language learners, flashcards are one of the best study tools, because they promote studying through active recall, which is one of the practices through which our brains learn most effectively.

Flashcards are engaging activities that promote a lasting understanding of key concepts.

You will have access to exclusive flashcards that will help you retain the main concepts of each lesson, and the best of all… with audio!

24/7 Tutoring

In addition to all the resources above, you can clarify your doubts at any time, in each lesson there is a section for you to interact with me.

I’m sure this is the first time you’ll have a teacher at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

ricardo filgueira


Hi! My name’s Ricardo Filgueira, I’m from São Luís – Maranhão and I’ve been living in São Paulo since 2015.

I have a degree in Modern Languages, I’m a specialist in Portuguese Language, a specialist in Distance Education and an Instructional Designer.

My Portuguese teaching experience started in 2002, when I lived in Geneva, Switzerland.

I’m the creator of the Portuguese in Record Time Method and several online courses.

Besides Portuguese, I speak English, French and I’m currently learning German.



This course is the result of years of dedication to Portuguese teaching and I’m sure you will love it!

But, if you are not satisfied with it in any way whatsoever, just let me know within 10 days of purchase, I will issue a prompt refund. No hassle, no questions.

So, rest assured, give yourself the opportunity to learn Portuguese fast and the right way.



$ 96
One payment
  • 145 Videos
  • Accent Reduction Activities
  • Exercises
  • MP3s and PDFs
  • 24/7 Tutoring
  • Smart Flashcards
  • 10 Months of Access
  • 2 Conversation Classes


$ 177
One payment
  • 145 Videos
  • Accent Reduction Activities
  • Exercises
  • MP3s and PDFs
  • 24/7 Tutoring
  • Smart Flashcards
  • 12 Months of Access
  • 4 Conversation Classes


$ 261
One payment
  • 145 Videos
  • Accent Reduction Activities
  • Exercises
  • MP3s and PDFs
  • 24/7 Tutoring
  • Smart Flashcards
  • 18 Months of Access
  • 8 Conversation Classes


The course is ideal for people who:

  • Need to learn Portuguese from scratch.
  • Want to improve their current level of Portuguese.

We’ll start on the 24th of may.

The time it will take you to complete the course depends on your motivation and amount of time you spend on your studies.

If you study on average 50 minutes a day, you will complete the course in 4 months or less!

And since the course has a practical approach, you’ll know enough Portuguese to interact with Brazilians from the very first lessons.

My method is the result of more than a decade dedicated to teaching Portuguese, Instructional Design and language learning techniques.

To sum it up, it basically uses the Lexical Approach, Dual Coding and Comprehensible Input (see more here).

You will see for yourself how this all works when you join the course.

You’ll reach at least basic level (A2), 



Yes, you can buy as many classes as you want in addition to the ones that come in each package. 

You get 15% off ($19.00 -> $16.00) on every class purchased while you have access to the course.

Yeah, and it’s not just a stylish document, it’s undeniable proof that you really speak Portuguese.


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