Portuguese In Record Time – Course For Beginners Reviewed by Ricardo Filgueira on .  Learn Portuguese from real life situations   Portuguese in Record Time is an online course for beginners who have little or no knowledge of Portuguese. Traditi  Learn Portuguese from real life situations   Portuguese in Record Time is an online course for beginners who have little or no knowledge of Portuguese. Traditi Rating: 0
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Portuguese In Record Time – Course For Beginners

Portuguese In Record Time – Course For  Beginners

 Learn Portuguese from real life situations


Portuguese in Record Time is an online course for beginners who have little or no knowledge of Portuguese.

Traditional Portuguese courses focus primarily on grammar rules and boring exercises. These backward approaches won’t help you learn the language effectively.

Totally different from traditional courses/methods, Portuguese in Record Time follows an effective learning order, from simple to complex and all content is presented in a gradual and easy way.


This course is for people who…

  • Have little or no knowledge of Portuguese;
  • Got frustrated after having tried to learn Portuguese with other methods and resources without success (schools, apps, phrasebooks etc);
  • Are looking for more flexibility to study due to their busy schedule. 



Ricardo spents a lot of time really getting into pronunciation, which made me feel like I was already making great progress right from the beginning. I am more confident already! Kevin Winebold – New York, USA.


I tried to learn Portuguese from two online language apps for a week or two but I got frustrated when I couldn’t get the pronunciation right and there was no one to ask.

I found Ricardo who had extensive experience in languages and online learning and he answered all questions in an easy and practical way which was at the same time clear and practical as a teacher he is patient and always ready to give that little extra. Kenneth Ingelsson –  Skåne, Sweden.


I initially began learning Portuguese through one of the online language apps prior to learning with Ricardo. Although I had learned some basic vocabulary and greetings, I felt that I wasn’t really learning to speak or understand what I heard. With Ricardo my experience was immensely enjoyable and I could feel myself improving all the time.

The course fulfilled its promise of learning Portuguese quickly given my time constraints with work and availability. I couldn’t have expected to learn any faster unless I were living in Brazil. Daniel Lynch – Saint Paul, USA.


I have tried many teachers prior Ricardo and definitively he’s the best! Good lessons, fun, very focus, and helpful. I recommend him very much. Patricia Ibarra – Miami, USA.


Ricardo explains everything well and answers my questions clearly. He’s always patient and pleasant. Scott Warren – Columbia, USA .


I was studying Portuguese for several years on and off but without practice and much dedication. So I knew grammar but didn’t have any practice and couldn’t use the grammar and couldn’t talk properly. Then, I found Ricardo. All his classes are perfectly structured and organized.

The lessons are divided into topics and each topic completely covers the necessary vocabulary, plus explains new grammar. Then, I caught myself thinking that at some point I started completely understand what Ricardo was saying. I love structured lessons and structured explanations of the language, which helped me to learn easily and with fun! Anya Mikhaylova – Moscow, Russia.



The course is made up of 15 lessons, divided into small parts. In each lesson you’ll learn vocabulary and grammar in a direct and simple way.

You’ll learn practial things, always with a lot of listening and structures that Brazilians really use in everyday situations, such as:

  • Giving and asking for information;
  • Expressing your likes and dislikes;
  • Talking about your occupation and educational background;
  • Food and eating out;
  • Family and relationships;
  • Shopping;
  • Hotel and accommodation;
  • Transport and getting around the city;
  • Talking about your occupation and educational background.



1 – Videos and audios to improve your listening;

2 – Step-by-step pronunciation lessons;

3 – Materials to download;

4 – Interactive exercises;

5 – Brazilian tutor to clarify your doubts;

6 – Real-life videos and dialogs;

7 – One-on-one conversation pratctice.


My course offers you a self-paced learning.

It means you can learn in your own time and schedule, you don’t need to complete the same assignments or learn at the same time as others. You can proceed from one topic or segment to the next at your speed.

You can study the contents (videos, PDFs, MP3s, exercises) whenever you want and watch the videos as many times you want on any device.

And in addition to that, you have the possibility to clarify your doubts with me at any time.  In each lesson there is a space for you to interact with me.

You study at your won pace and have a teacher at your disposal 24/7!


Meet your teacher

ricardo filgueira

Ricardo Filgueira has a degree in Modern Languages, he is a specialist in Portuguese Language, a specialist in Distance Education and an Instructional Designer. His Portuguese teaching experience started in 2002, when he lived in Geneva, Switzerland.

Creator of the Method Portuguese in Record Time and several other online courses, Ricardo Filgueira is a leading educator of Portuguese as a Foreign Language and has helped hundreds of people to learn Portuguese and discover the charms of Brazilian culture.



Effective and affordable

On average, 1 hour with a tutor costs US$ 12,00 and 1 hour at a traditional school costs US$ 30,00

For 1 month with either of these options, you’ll pay at least US$ 420,00.

Portuguese in Record Time: one single payment of US$ 167,00 



Free trial

Now it’s time to see how the method works in practice. That’s why I offer you 5 DAYS OF FREE ACCESS to the course.

Just send me your email address and in less than 24 hours I’ll register you on my Virtual Classroom. No credit card required to start!

Now, it’s up to you! Click here to get your free access.

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