Portuguese In Record Time – Course For Beginners Reviewed by Ricardo Filgueira on .   Learn Portuguese to interact with Brazilians with confidence in everyday situations in just 4 months. Get to know Portuguese in Record Time, the only course t   Learn Portuguese to interact with Brazilians with confidence in everyday situations in just 4 months. Get to know Portuguese in Record Time, the only course t Rating: 0
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Portuguese In Record Time – Course For Beginners

Portuguese In Record Time – Course For  Beginners


Learn Portuguese to interact with Brazilians with confidence in everyday situations in just 4 months.

Get to know Portuguese in Record Time, the only course that comes with a travel guide to Brazil!


This course is for people who:

  • Want to get the most out of their trip to Brazil, but don’t speak Portuguese;
  • Have little or no knowledge of Portuguese and need immediate communication;
  • Got frustrated after having tried to learn Portuguese with other methods and resources without success (schools, apps, phrasebooks etc);
  • Are looking for more flexibility to study due to their busy schedule.

If you have identified yourself with any of these difficulties, I’m sure I can help you.


Conheça seu professor


Prof. Ricardo Filgueira

Hi, my name is Ricardo Filgueira, I’m Brazilian and creator of the Portuguese in Record Time Method. 

I’ve been teaching Portuguese since 2002, I have a degree in Modern Languages, I’m a specialist in Portuguese Language, a specialist in Distance Education and an Instructional Designer.


Now that you know me, I’ll explain how you can go from total beginner to being able to interact with Brazilians in everyday situations in just 4 months.

Too good to be true? No, when we combine the right tools and approaches!

For you to understand how this is possible, first I need to tell you what the problem is with traditional courses and materials

Ah! I’ll also tell you the reason why I’ve put a travel guide in my Portuguese course. So, follow me…


The 5 big problems

Traditional courses and PFL materials (Portuguese as a Foreign Language) have 5 big problems:

  1. They use artificial dialogues; 
  2. Listening is put in second place;
  3. Pronunciation is undervalued;
  4. Focus on grammar;
  5. They don’t take into consideration the Comprehensible Input.

I’ll explain a little bit about each problem.


1 – They use artificial dialogues.

When I say “artificial dialogues” I mean that the audios and dialogs you hear are made to be easily understood, that’s to say, they pronounce the words in a way and speed that natives simply don’t do! 

And this gives you a false impression of understanding what Brazilians say.

Guess what it happens when you meet natives in real life… You get lost!

In addition to that, most of these dialogues don’t show the structures that natives really use on a daily basis.


2 – Listening is put in second place.

Now, let’s talk about listening, the most important part of the language learning process. Why? Because first we listen, speaking comes after. We all learn by copying, and the only way you can copy a language is by listening to someone speaking it.

A study by Wilt (1950) has shown that listening makes up about 45% of the time people spend communicating, followed by speaking (about 30 per cent), reading (about 16 per cent) and writing (about 9 per cent). 

Listening is the skill you need to focus the most when you are learning a language. And it makes a lot of sense, right? After all, how will you interact with natives if you don’t understand what they say?

For all its importance, students and even teachers often fail to give listening the attention it needs. 

And when it comes to Brazilian Portuguese, things can be even more challenging… Brazil has a big amount of accents, sometimes, one state has several accents.

Brazilian accents

Don’t worry, Portuguese in Record Time is full of dialogs (in videos and in MP3) from beginning to end. My course will train your ears to understand the most common accents you’ll find in Brazil.


3 – Pronunciation is undervalued. 

Phonetic skills are often ignored by many Portuguese courses and teachers.

But know that improper pronunciation can lead to negative impression, misunderstanding and ineffective communication.

Correct and clear pronunciation is as important as listening and conversational skills. Having good pronunciation is very important to master any foreign language. 

That’s why I created my pronunciation series on YouTube. Check it out, I recommend that you see it from the beginning, my series is a great starting point



And prepare yourself for the compliments, because throughout Portuguese in Record Time you will take your pronunciation to a high level!


4 – Focus on grammar.

Let’s be honest, grammar sucks! It’s a good thing you don’t need to stick to grammar to learn a language. 

Yeah, you read that right.

Grammar is useful for making a language sound correct, but not for actually getting started. Sometimes, it helps to clarify some points, but you shouldn’t make it a priority. 

You should worry about learning grammar only after you have already gained confidence with the essential structures of the language

Get away from courses that focus primarily on grammar rules and boring exercises. These backward approaches won’t help you learn the language effectively.


5 – They don’t take into consideration the Comprehensible Input. 

Input is what you’re putting in your ears and eyes, whether it be audio, video or written language.

Comprehensible Input means that: the teacher uses messages in the target language that learners find compelling and understandable to help them acquire the language unconsciously.

It is not about grammar, it is not about memorizing long lists of words.

Teaching with Comprehensible Input is speaking with students in a way that every student can understand what the teacher is saying at all times. 

It incorporates relevance by exploring topics to which students have a connection and that relate to real life.

One of the comprehensible input examples is to use drawings, images, videos or objects in order to illustrate the complex or abstract concepts.

Comprehensible input is language input that can be understood by learners even when they don’t understand all the words and structures in a given text or audio. 

Totally different from traditional courses/methods, Portuguese in Record Time follows an effective learning order, from simple to complex and all content is presented in a gradual and natural way. 

You’ll see how Comprehensible Input works in practice throughout my course.


Portuguese in Record Time

I want to show you more details about the method I’ve created: Portuguese in Record Time.

  • 100% online;
  • Portuguese taught in plain English;
  • Smart flashcards to help you memorize vocabulary and verb conjugations;
  • PDF and MP3 files to download;
  • Exercises;
  • 8 months of access and tutoring;
  • 5 one-to-one conversation classes to unlock your Portuguese and give you more confidence;
  • Certificate.

You you will receive the data to access our Virtual Classroom in the email you used to purchase the course.

You will be able to study the contents (videos, PDFs, MP3s, exercises) whenever you want and watch the videos as many times you want on any device.

Entering the course’s Virtual Classroom is as simple as logging into your email account.

But Ricardo, and what if I have doubt? No problem! In each lesson there is a space for you to interact with me.

You study at your own pace, without worrying about scheduling classes and in addition to that, you have a teacher at your disposal 24/7.

I gathered the most effective technological and didactic resources to make your learning process easier and more enjoyable. That’s how you learn in Portuguese in Record Time!



Ricardo spents a lot of time really getting into pronunciation, which made me feel like I was already making great progress right from the beginning. I am more confident already! Kevin Winebold – New York, USA.


I initially began learning Portuguese through one of the online language apps prior to learning with Ricardo. Although I had learned some basic vocabulary and greetings, I felt that I wasn’t really learning to speak or understand what I heard. With Ricardo my experience was immensely enjoyable and I could feel myself improving all the time.

The course fulfilled its promise of learning Portuguese quickly given my time constraints with work and availability. I couldn’t have expected to learn any faster unless I were living in Brazil. Daniel Lynch – Saint Paul, USA.


I have tried many teachers prior Ricardo and definitively Is the best… good lessons, fun, very focus, and helpful. I recommend him very much. Patricia Ibarra – Miami, USA.


Ricardo explains everything well and answers my questions clearly. He’s always patient and pleasant. Scott Warren – Columbia, USA .


I was studying Portuguese for several years on and off but without practice and much dedication. So I knew grammar but didn’t have any practice and couldn’t use the grammar and couldn’t talk properly. Then, I found Ricardo. All his classes are perfectly structured and organized.

The lessons are divided into topics and each topic completely covers the necessary vocabulary, plus explains new grammar. Then, I caught myself thinking that at some point I started completely understand what Ricardo was saying. I love structured lessons and structured explanations of the language, which helped me to learn easily and with fun! Anya Mikhaylova – Moscow, Russia.


I Really enjoyed the approach. Amy Wong – London, United Kingdom.




Travel through Brazil and the Portuguese language

And what does the travel guide have to do with learning Portuguese?

The vast majority of my students want to learn Portuguese to make the most of their trip in Brazil.

Even without having problems communicating in Portuguese, some students end up getting in touch with me asking for some help with things that for me, as a native, are easy to understand, to solve.

That’s why I added a new feature in my course, it’s called Exploring Brazil With Ricardo.

It’s an exclusive video series to make your stay in Brazil much easier. You’ll observe the Portuguese  language applied in practice in most common situations that you’ll come across during your stay in Brazil. Look:

Get to know the peculiarities of the accommodation types, duties, rights and best places to choose according to your budget.

Gastronomic experiences
Unveil the restaurant menus, get to know the main food services and the countless possibilities of the Brazilian cuisine! Ah, I’ll also show you how to save money on food, mainly in São Paulo, where I live.

Learn how to use the several means of transport available in Brazil and feel more secure when asking for information and informing your destination. Get to know also the peculiarities of each means of transport.

Don’t fool yourself, the cost of living in Brazil is not a bed of roses, even for those who shop in dollars! That’s why I’ll show you how to save money on shopping malls, individual shops, grocery stores, supermarkets and online shopping sites.

You’ll also make an immersion in the following topics:

  1. Social life;
  2. Educational background;
  3. Job market;
  4. Etiquette;
  5. Health and safety.

In addition to improving your Portuguese (especially listening), you’ll get the most out of your trip to Brazil.



 See what it feels like to speak Portuguese with confidence.

Enroll now in Portuguese in Record Time!



Best method, best price!

With my course you learn more spending less time and money.

On average, 1 hour with a tutor costs US$ 12,00 and 1 hour at a traditional school costs US$ 30,00

For 1 month with either of these options, you’ll pay at least US$ 420,00. 😲😲

Definitely, my course is your best choice!

Portuguese in Record Time: US$ 137,00 

portuguese course online



 Try before you buy

Ok, now you it’s possible to learn Portuguese in a faster, easier and in a inexpensive way. Now it’s time to see how the method works in practice.

That’s why I offer you 5 DAYS OF FREE ACCESS to the course.

Just send me your email address and in less than 24 hours I’ll register you on my Virtual Classroom. No credit card required to start!

Now, it’s up to you! Click here to get your free access.


Your bonuses

Purchase by December 15, 2020 and get these amazing bonuses:

  • 3 more conversation classes with me (8 in total);
  • My advanced course for you to continue your studies and master the Brazilian Portuguese structures.

In total, you save US$ 91.00:

  • 3 more conversation classes (US$ 54.00);
  • PraDizer, my advanced course (US$ 37.00).



 See what it feels like to speak Portuguese with confidence.

Enroll now in Portuguese in Record Time!




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