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How to Say “I’m excited” in Brazilian Portuguese

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Now it’s time to learn how to say “I’m excited” in Brazilian Portuguese.

Some days ago I was talking to a student about his trip to Brazil and he said he was very excited. Then I asked him: “Do you know how to say that in Portuguese?”, how do you say “I’m excited about the trip”?

And the answer he gave me was already expected, because many English speakers make this same mistake.

He said “Eu estou excitado com a viagem!”, but this not the correct translation. If you say “Eu estou excitado”, in fact, you mean this: “I’m sexually excited”, “I’m horny”. So, don’t translate it literally!

The correct translation is: “Eu estou animado!”, which literely means “I’m animated”: “Eu estou animado com a viagem”.

Another way of saying this same thing is “Eu estou empolgado com a viagem”.

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