The Most Common Slangs and Swearwords in Brazilian Portuguese




There’s no way out! If you want to master a language you must learn slangs and swear words!

Maybe you don’t appreciate using slangs and swearwords, but if you REALLY want to understand what people say on the streets, tv, movies etc. you may consider trying to understand some dirty words. Besides, let’s face it: swear words allow us to express emotions that are not as easy to communicate.

There are also some culture issues. Owing to them, some slangs and swearwords are quite difficult to translate and if you are not really sure about their meaning, some people may get really offended.

Some slangs and swearwords you’ll learn in this video:

– Be cool
– Fag
– Butt, ass
– Son of a bitch
– Cut it off
– Shit
– Damn it…