weather in Brazil

How is the weather in São Paulo, Brazil?

In this video I’ll give you an overview of the weather in Brazil and my experience of living in São Paulo and São Luís. Watch the video below. 

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The seasons in Brazil are just the opposite of those in the U.S. and Europe. So, if it’s summer here in Brazil, it’s winter in the North hemisphere. Basically, Brazil’s weather varies widely from north to the south.



The rule is: as you go down the country, towards the South Pole, the colder it gets. The northeast area is the hottest region in the country, where summer temperatures exceeding 37°C (100°F) are very common. Example: In São Luís, my hometown, there, we have only two seasons: summer with rain and summer without rain.

The wettest month is April, while the driest one is October. Nearly seventy per cent of annual precipitation is recorded from February to May.

In São Luís, it’s always hot, it’s always summer! We only check the forecast to see if it’s gonna rain or not. It’s never cold there, the minimum it gets is 22, 24, degrees celsius (72 F). One thing that I love in São Luís is the humidity: most time is around 80% and 50% is the minimum for health. Ah! I almost forgot to mention, São Luís is an island.

So, if you’re planning to travel to the Nordeste, Northeast, the best time is from June to October, maximum November.

Now, it’s time of São Paulo, where I live, since 2015. Except for Summer, the temperatures of all the other seasons are a rollercoaster. For example: now we are in the beginning of September. It’s still winter, but it seems that we are in the summer. Right now, is 29 degrees!

Here, the weather fluctuates a lot throughout the day. In the morning, the maximum is 20 degrees, in the afternoon 27 and at night it drops again to 16 degrees. Last week, for example: the maximum temperature was around 15 degrees, two days ago the maximum was 20, 22 and today the maximum is 31.

This is crazy! We have all the seasons in one single day! In the winter, very often I leave home all bundled up and during the day I take out the layers, you know, like an onion.

That’s why, sometimes, when I go out, I carry my backpack with a coat, an umbrella, sunglasses and a bottle of water.