insect vocabulary portuguese

Insects Vocabulary in Portuguese

Learn insects and Arthropods Vocabulary in Brazilian Portuguese: cockroach, butterfly, ladybug, praying mantis and much more!

1. Ant: a formiga
2. Bee: a abelha
3. Beetle: o besouro
4. Butterfly: a borboleta
5. Caterpillar: a lagarta
6. Centipede: a centopeia
7. Cockroach: a barata
8. Cricket: o grilo
9. Dragonfly: a libélula
10. Flea: a pulga


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11. Fly: a mosca
12. Grasshopper, locust: o gafanhoto
13. Ladybug: a joaninha
14. Mosquito: o mosquito
15. Moth: a mariposa
16. Praying mantis: o louva-a-Deus
17. Scorpion: o escorpião
18. Spider: a aranha
19. Stick-bug: o bicho-pau
20. Termite: o cupim
21. Tick: o carrapato
22. Wasp: a vespa


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