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Why don’t Brazilians speak English?

In this video I’ll explain to you why Brazilians don’t speak English and how you can overcome this problem during your stay in Brazil.



So, if you’re thinking about coming here, you need to watch this video till the end! If you travel to the most popular destinations in the world that are non English speaking countries, you probably won’t have many problems to communicate. Countries like: Germany, Greece, France, Spain and Portugal. But if you’re planning to travel to Brazil.



Things will be quite different. Your English won’t be of much use in Brazil. To understand the problem, let’s take a look at the English Proficiency Index.

 The EF English Proficiency Index ranks countries by the average level of English skills around the globe. According to the ranking of 2019, the country with more fluency in English is: Netherlands!

In Latin America, Argentina has the best position, it’s the only country in Latin America with a high level.  Brazil has a very a low level, in the position 59, losing to almost all countries of South America.

What a shame for Brazil! The richest country in Latin America has such a bad position! And the situation in Brazil is even worse… According to a research made by The British Council, only 5% of Brazilians speak English and only 1% speak it fluently. Even here in São Paulo, the most developed city of Brazil, it’s not easy to find locals who speak English.

This is an abysmal compared to the first position, Netherlands, where 93% of the Dutch population are able to converse in English.  So, if you want to meet Brazilians, you need to learn Portuguese.

But, the good news is that Portuguese is one of the 4 easiest languages to learn for English speakers! And the best way to learn Portuguese is with the Portuguese in Record Time. Portuguese in Record Time is an online course for beginners who have little or no knowledge of Portuguese and need immediate communication.

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Why don’t Brazilians speak English?

1 – Low quality of education. Just for you to have an idea, 30% of Brazilians between the age of 16 and 64 are functional illiterate.

2 – English taught in private and public schools is a disaster. English is just another subject and it’s far of being a priority.

3 – English courses in Brazil are long and expensive, they aren’t accessible for everyone. So, to Brazilians, speaking English is a status symbol.